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Reasons to Consider Life Settlements
Reasons to Consider
Life Settlements
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Reasons to consider
a Life Settlement:

Life Settlement Services
  • A highly liquid estate may no longer require life insurance to pay estate taxes
  • A reduction in estate size may mean less insurance is needed for projected taxes
  • Premiums may no longer be affordable
  • Vanishing premiums have reappeared
  • Large loans against the policy make it too expensive
  • An individual may desire to remove a policy from an estate
  • A change in survivorship coverage may be beneficial
  • A policy is owned by a corporation on an executive who is no longer with the company
  • Insurance was acquired to fund a buy-sell or stock redemption agreement, and the company/partnership has been sold or dissolved
Proceeds from the sale may be used in any way the recipient desires.
Common uses include:
  • Purchase of additional securities, mutual funds, annuities, or other types of life insurance
  • Payment for long-term care insurance or other asset protection tools
  • Funding a charitable gift, charitable lead trust, charitable remainder trust, or gift annuity
  • Payment of gift taxes
  • Purchase of stock from a business partner

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