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Reasons to Consider Life Settlements
Reasons to Consider
Life Settlements
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About ELA
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Case Examples
Case Examples
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ELA Settlement Services,
LLC offers

  • An extensive life insurance background
  • In-depth knowledge of the Life Settlement market
  • The ability to maximize return for insured
  • Contacts with a variety of prospective funders

  • Desire to build stronger relationships with producers
  • An educational program to help producers recognize:
  • When Life Settlements are appropriate
  • Important changes in estate needs
  • Economic benefits to the policyholder
  • Transaction parameters
  • Due diligence required
  • Funding practices to avoid

  • A nearly “turnkey” operation
  • Close coordination of all details
  • Strong support with your clients

Discover how ELA Settlement Services, LLC can help you enhance your reputation as a trusted advisor and build credibility with clients.
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